" Ive got to say im very impressed at the speed you designed these. "
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Magnetic Van Signage

Magnetic Van Sign Design

Magnetic van signs are a great way to increase you business and how your customer perceives you.

Every day i see vans driving around sheffield and the majority of them do have signage on in some form or another. The problem is most of them are very basic plain coloured text on a white van. This is poor use of such a large and mobile advertisement platform. Think about it this way do you ever see an advert in your local paper that's just plain white with black text? They have images, information, deals all layed out in a catchy way to get your attention and sales. Why not do the same with your van?

Why magnetic van signs? why not vinyl stickers?

vinyl van signs are good but have a few issues that in our opinion make magnetic signs better.

  1. Insurance
    vinyls need to be declared to your insurance company. Magnetic ones can be easily removed should you have a crash.
  2. Removal
    Should you sell your van you can remove the magnetic sign in a few seconds where as a vinyl sign takes much longer to remove and leaves a visible mark due to the sun.
  3. Security
    Do you carry expensive tools in your van? working in a rough area? Again you can remove your van signage minimising the risk of bring broken into.


Magnetic Van Signs Prices

We are currently looking to increase our portfolio thus we have lowered our Van signage price to a £50 design fee + Printing costs. Usual Price is £124. Please note this offer will end once we have secured 3 new clients requiring vansigns.

Printing costs vary depending on size. Please contact me for a quote.