RB Building (Magnetic Van Sign)

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RB Building (Magnetic Van Sign)

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Project Design Details :

Van signs are a cost effective mobile advertising platform for your business, which when designed correctly can prove extremely effective.

When your van is on the move, your potential customers only have a few seconds to capture information. When parked up you have a larger time frame during which more detailed information can be absorbed. For this reason your van sign must have two design aspects.

Whilst the van is moving, Images of previous projects, background image, company logo and web address are all easily viewable and due to small amount of text easy to remember. The images quickly allow the customer to view what services you offer without words.

When the van is stationary the attractive layout and interesting content of the sign along wiht a clean vehicle will draw attention from passersby. The extensive list of services provide detailed information.

Project Testimonial :

"Superb mate, really catches your attention. Last few phone calls I've received have all started with "I saw your van and.." never been as busy, Thanks again Jonathan"

Project Keywords :

Sheffield Builder, Sheffield Landscaper