" Hi Jon, what a great design! Thank you so much. These are by far the most professional looking business cards that I have had and at that price... Unbelievable! "
RMS Limited (Business Cards)

Musicolik.co.uk (Website)

Website / Project Details

Project Name :

Musicolik.co.uk (Website)

Project Website Address (if applicable) :


Project Design Details :

  • This E-commerce website uses cool pleasing blue colours mixed with soft grey/black to create a modern but tranquil layout.
  • Products displayed in background keeping the music theme.
  • Three main images guide the user to the correct area of the site.
  • Clear easy to use layout encouraging the user to click and progress through the site.
  • New products rotated automatically at the bottom of the site keeping the main page looking fresh and new.
  • Easy to use admin area allowing the site owner to update/add products / prices as and when required.

Project Testimonial :

"Superb mate. I'm extremely happy with the website and the speed it was produced. "

Project Keywords :

Music, CD's LP's